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Ain't It Cool News

Saturday, October 2, 1999

Junior Mintz provides some info on the new PEE WEE HERMAN film!!!
To be rated PG-13 or R!!!!

For anyone that is a true Pee Wee fan, I'm sure you are familiar with his, I believe it was on HBO, more adult version of the Playhouse. The one that was... quite a bit more suggestive. The fun part of this is that most of the PEE WEE generation is now able to walk into an R-rated film, probably were mentally scarred from Pee Wee's exit from Television and children's entertainment. And they want to see Pee Wee strike back.

Last night a panel of illustrious former members of the LA comedy group The Groundlings were honored at the Museum of Television and Broadcasting in Beverly Hills. The panel included Lisa Kudrow, Kathy Griffin, Laraine Newman and Paul Reubens, who answered questions about his latest project, a new Pee-Wee Herman movie which he is currently writing for Disney. Reubens said the film will deal with Pee-Wee's rise to fame and the ensuing consequences, and will be evocative of such films as A FACE IN THE CROWD and JAILHOUSE ROCK. He also said the picture would be aiming for a PG-13 or R rating, which seems to indicate that the last thing it will be is a simple TV to movie transplant of Pee-Wee's Playhouse.

Junior Mintz