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hi Dottie,
Where do babies come from?

Hi Zinger1234,

When a man and a woman love each other very much, they sometimes decide together to get a baby. There are many ways for the man and woman who love each other very much to get a baby. One archaic route involves storks, but that's always sounded a little kinky to me. Another is through adoption. This usually takes a long time and is very costly. It's cheaper to buy them retail.

Some people say that WalMart is a good place to fill your baby needs, but I've found that babies from WalMart aren't always of the highest quality.

Beanie Babies come from a place called Ty, which is located Oakbrook, Illinois. A set of babies so popular that it had its own show is the Muppet Babies. These babies come from Jim Henson Productions. PuterBabies come to you directly from your computer, saving lots of time and hassle.

The Rainbow Babies are issued by the Willetts Studios. The idea of rainbow-colored, butterfly-winged babies in a beautiful garden came to artist Ami Blackshear while visiting the Garden of the Gods in Mountain Springs, Colorado. Fur Babies come to us online from the great state of New York. Doll Babies come from a company called Ruffles & Ribbons in San Jose, CA. AquaBabies started out in California, but since their success are being sold internationally from affiliates across the globe. Water Babies come from Playmates, Kinder-Garden Flower Babies and Fruit Babies come from Toy Biz, although you do have to make sure that you can deal with the realities of a Fruit baby. Lots to Love Babies come from JC Toys, and you can get My Very Soft Baby from Playskool.

For those of you with a bit more cash to spare, you can get Billon Dollar Babies from Alice Cooper.

Drain Babies bring their "raw guitar pop" to you from West Virginia, and the Babys formed in London in 1976.

Watch out for hidden costs. The batteries for Furby Babies, brought to you from Furbyland by Tiger, are not included in the original cost of the babies. Duplo Dinosaur Babies from Lego require some assembly upon their arrival.

And don't be fooled by the name. Babies R Us only features baby accesories, not babies themselves. Angel Babies is more focused on angels than providing their customers with the babies they need. Bumper Babies are actually just fancy luggage. Anne Geddes makes a living photographing babies, but does not offer the actual costumed infants for sale.

Well, Zinger1234, I hope you'll be able to find some babies for yourself real soon!

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