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Celebrity Diet Secrets Revealed!

By Nora Chase, Special to Curiouser

This season, the look that's in is thin, thin, thin! Everywhere you look, on TV, in movies, on magazine covers are tiny bodies of drop-dead thin actresses and super models. How can a normal person get the desired head-too-big-for-your-body look? Simple. Anyone can achieve a sit-com star's lack of curves in a few easy steps!

First, get a pet. Preferably a small dog. They're better at getting to your plate before you do than a goldfish.

You can make the most decadent meals you want!

Be sure that your pet dines exactly when you do. Here's the trick: only eat as much as your pet does! If Rover eats five bites of kibble, you only get five bites, too. And always remember to chew thirty-two times before swallowing. This way, by the time the food reaches your stomach, it's not as thick with calories.

Getting back to that goldfish. Do you ever see any with love handles? No! That's because their diet is based entirely on wafer-thin flakes. But that fish food doesn't smell so good, you might say. All the better! You'll eat less of something you find appalling. And the less you eat, the closer you'll be to that size 0!

If you have a problem with animals, you can take the super model approach, instead. We've got something that works for all of you picky eaters out there who still want to keep munching all day long. Ice! You can get cubes at any restaurant, so going out to eat won't ruin your diet anymore. Ice cubes are also easy to make at home with the help of
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