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Matress Tag Slasher Escapes!

By Tom Montoya, Staff Writer

Mickey S is prowling the streets again. After the state of California convicted S of matresscide in 1998, S escaped by way of a clever ruse involving the prison's laundry truck. S was captured four days later. His stolen car was identified by Larry Curtis, a mechanic at Eddie's Body Shop in Bakersfield. S was getting the top on his convertible repaired.

"I knew right away there was something funny about that guy," relates Curtis. "Then I remembered a pilot the next county over'd gotten his car stolen a couple days before. That was definitely his car. I'd heard him talking on the news about its special features. And one of them was a parachute silk for the convertible's top. We don't see many parachutes around here, so I told Izzy, our front counter girl, to call the cops right then."

Thanks to the bravery of Larry Curtis, Mickey S was once again safely behind bars. But not for long!

Before the vicious S was able to complete his court-required anger-management course, S escaped from police custody once again. Just how was this dangerous criminal able to slip past the prison security? Mickey S was one of the test subjects in a newly implemented program. A busload of misfits and dope-addicts is driven every month to a drive-in movie near the prison.

The drive-in, a glowing bastion of old-fashioned American values is routinely threatened by the liberal California penal system.

S made a trip to the snack bar for refreshments and ever returned! "He didn't even bring back my foot-long before he left," recalls Officer Colin Lubezki, one of the guards on drive-in detail.

Mickey S is a master of disguise. He could be sitting next to you this very moment. If you cross paths with this dangerous criminal, beware! S is quick to anger and even quicker with a knife. Contact
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