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Stand-Up Comic Is Really A Vampire!

By Julia Allyn, Staff Writer

Even if you've never seen Laura Pepper's off-beat and in-your-face comic stylings, you've heard of the famous stand-up comedienne who's taking the nation by storm. Many are surprised that Pepper doesn't have her own sit-com by now. The reason why is simple. Laura Pepper can't possibly move to sunny Southern California to film a sit-com. Laura Pepper is a vampire!

No, the black hair and pale skin are not a fashion statement, despite Pepper's jokes on such topics as her own bout with depression and the popular '80s band The Smiths. The life of a stand-up comic is perfectly suited to Pepper's secret as well. Shows are always at night. What vampire wants a day job?

There has also been a rash of disappearances in the stand-up circuit. Young, fresh comics will open for Pepper and never be heard from again. Pepper is also always on the move. Although police have yet to catch on to her schemes, we at Curiouser have found further evidence of
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